Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School

Mental Health Support

Bereavement Information

Our academy is fully committed to the emotional health and well-being of our pupils and that of our staff. We are dedicated to the continual development of a healthy and thriving school community and strive to work towards this in all aspects of school life. We are passionate about providing an ethos, environment and curriculum that can provide support during difficult times, including a time of death or dying.

Every 22 minutes in the UK a parent of dependent children dies, leaving about 41,000 bereaved children each year. Many more are bereaved of a grandparent, sibling, friend or other significant person, and, sadly, around 12,000 children die in the UK each year.

We recognise that within our academy community there will almost always be some children and adults who are struggling with bereavement. We seek to be proactive, rather than reactive, when responding to these challenging situations.

Empathic understanding in the familiar and secure surroundings of the academy may be all the bereavement support some children – or staff – require, though referral to more specialist support should be a consideration where the impact of grief is more complex. Additional information and resources can be accessed at

The following websites can offer support to people struggling with bereavement and our pastoral team is on hand to support any pupils struggling with bereavement. 

Bereavement support from Alder Hey