Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School

Year 9 Options

All pupils choose their Options in the Spring term of Year 9.  Pupils at Key Stage 4 must follow a core curriculum of English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Combined Science, Religious Education, core PE (non examination)  and Personal Development (non examination).

In addition to the core curriculum, every pupil makes three options choices. There is an expectation that pupils at Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic Academy study at least one of the following as part of their options choices: History, Geography or French. These make up the EBACC subjects. 

The English Baccalaureate (EBacc) is not a qualification in itself, but it is a suite of subjects at GCSE that, if studied, keeps youngpeople’s options open for further study and future careers. This suite ofsubjects offers an important range of knowledge and skills to young people. To study the EBacc suite of subjects, a pupil needs to opt for both a language (French) and a Humanities subject (History or Geography). 

By studying the English Baccalaureate suite of subjects, pupils at Saint Edmund ArrowsmithCatholic Academy are empowered to make aspirational choices and next steps post 16 and beyond. If they are thinking of going to university, the EBacc is also recommended by Britain’s most prestigious universities. 

Languages are an important part of EBacc. Studying a foreign language can be extremely rewarding and exciting. They provide an insight into other cultures and can open thedoor to travel and employment opportunities. They can also broaden pupils’ horizons, helping them flourish in new environments. If your child finds languages difficult, don’t forget that they will have been studying them for much less time than their other subjects and, while it can be a challenge, learning a language will greatly enhance their future opportunities. What’s more, we know that employers value languages, as they are increasingly important to make sure we can compete in the global market. Because of this, languages are increasingly becoming a requirement for many graduate schemes. 

In addition to the EBACC subjects, the other subjects we offer are:

In addition, the following subjects are on offer: 

Travel and Tourism 
Design and Technology 
Hospitality and Catering 
Creative iMedia 
Sports Studies 
Health and Social Care

Please note that qualifications on offer are subject to change.


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