Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School

Our Community

There is a lived sense of community across our academy, evident in the culture of welcome and positive relationships between all members of the school community. At SEACA we know and assure our pupils that every one of them is made in the image and likeness of God. We firmly believe that “it is not enough for young people to be loved, they need to know they are loved” (St John Bosco) and this is the core premise behind everything that we do, including our daily welcome check for each and every pupil, where pupils are reminded to ‘be the best versions of themselves’ and ‘push themselves out of their comfort zone to be exceptional’.  

At SEACA we celebrate and value the unique contribution that our pupils make to the local community by encouraging pupils and parents to share how they have lived out the values of Love, Inspiration, Empowerment and Joy in their daily lives.

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April at the UK Youth Parliament Sitting

Ben's Volunteering and Leadership

Jake and Jamie's Boxing Achievements

Luke's Tennis Achievements

Ruby-Lola's Volunteering and Leadership

Shakespeare North Playhouse Volunteer


At SEACA we are committed to living our faith through action and expressing the Gospel values in all that we do. Consequently, pupils engage with opportunities to pursue the common good and serve those in need. Some of our pupils have taken part in the ‘Postcards for Kindness’ initiative, writing and delivering messages of kindness to those in need locally, for example those in Whiston Hospital over the Christmas season and those in local care homes.

Delivering our Postcards for Kindness to Whiston Hospital

In addition, pupils and staff across the academy also support the Knowsley food bank, most recently through an academy wide foodbank appeal leading up to Christmas and Easter. Every form group decorated and filled a hamper and these were then delivered to the foodbank.  

Foodbank donations

These are the already developed opportunities for our pupils to realise that they have a responsibility to care for the needs of others, in a spirit of service.  

All of the above impacts in connecting the academy with the local community.