Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School

School Uniform

We place a strong emphasis on encouraging all pupils to take pride in belonging to our school community. A uniform is a symbol of belonging to a community and we will be firm in ensuring that all students wear the uniform correctly.


It is an expectation that every student at St. Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic Academy is ready to learn and wearing full uniform shows the ambitious standards and pride we feel about our community. Additionally, parents and carers wishing to send their children to our Academy must respect and support this by ensuring their child attends each day, with the correct uniform and equipment which is part of our Ready, Respect and Achieve values.

Our uniform is not gender specific. Our uniform remains the same all year round.

New to You is our SEACA recycled uniform project and is available to anybody wishing to access it. We hold pop up events at the academy where families can come along and obtain any uniform items that they may require. For inquiries or further information regarding our New to You initiative, please contact school directly on 0151 477 8770 or email

School Uniform

  • Plain grey pleated skirt (knee length)
  • Plain grey pleated pinafore (knee length)
  • Black trousers
  • Plain white school shirt (tucked inside skirt or trousers)
  • Grey V-necked jumper/cardigan with academy badge (SEA badge optional)
  • Black blazer with SEACA badge
  • Year group tie
  • Black, white, or grey ankle socks, grey knee length socks or black tights (other colours and patterns are not permitted)

PE kit

  • Compulsory red polo shirt (SEA logo optional) Plain black shorts or leggings
  • Plain black football shorts
  • Trainers (suitable for AstroTurf)

Optional item

  • Black ‘quarter zip’ training top or ‘full zip’ training top (with SEA logo)
  • Black tracksuit bottoms
  • Shin pads


  • All shoes must be plain black and able to be polished. The sole of the shoe must be plain black.
  • Trainer style or canvas shoes are not permitted.
  • No logos or embellishments permitted.
  • Students will be expected to change into a suitable pair of shoes, provided by school, if they fail to meet expectations.

Our uniform with SEA logos can be purchased from:

  • Top Form (NW) Limited, Unit 22, Sinclair Way, Prescot Business Park, Knowsley, Merseyside, L34 1PB - 0151 426 1813
  • Jay Max Uniform Shop 91-93 Church Street, St Helens, WA10 1AJ - 01744 752003

Our full Uniform Policy can be viewed on our Policies page.


Pupils are expected to attend school every day fully equipped and ready to learn. The following items are essential and must be brought to school on a daily basis:

  • A sensible school bag for exercise books, text books and A4 size folders
  • A Pencil case, which contains: black/blue pen, purple pen, pencil, rubber, sharpener, ruler, compass, protractor and a set of coloured pencils.
  • Pupil planner, which must be filled and kept up to date.
  • A calculator.

The school cannot accept responsibility for such items including mobile phones and personal music players and the use of these on the school site is not permitted. Expensive personal belongings should NEVER be brought to school. Electronic devices either being used on school premises or misused off premises will be confiscated by staff and, where subject to an investigation, may be stored in the safe for a prolonged period or handed directly to the police.

Other items such as perfumes, makeup, nail varnish, tippex, permanent markers, jewellery, hoodies, and leisure wear are banned items and must not be brought into school. All items such as these will be confiscated by staff and may only be collected at the end of the half term. Where pupils are repeatedly having items confiscated, parents will be asked to collect the items from school.

We operate a zero tolerance approach to fizzy or sugary drinks, such as "Lucozade", "Oasis" or "Coca Cola", and also to dangerous items such as aerosols and smoking paraphernalia; any such items will be disposed of by staff members.

If you require clarification regarding any equipment / personal belongings queries, please contact the school office in the first instance.