Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School

The Worry Page

Please note that this page is for pupils only. Parents and carers with any concerns, should proceed according to schools' concerns processes by emailing or calling the school's admin email address or calling and speaking to school's team. School will not respond to parental/carer concerns from this link. 


Please note that this page may not be checked every 24 hours so any worries regarding yourself or somebody else which could mean they are at risk of harm at home or on their way home, should be reported face to face with your school's safeguarding leads immediately who is:


Safeguarding Leads (ID 1221)

 Please note that your school email address will be needed for us to respond to concerns. School will not respond to anonymous emails or ones sent from non-school email addresses. 

Think carefully before you record a worry...... if you can tell a member of staff face to face (your form tutor, a class teacher, a Head of Year, then you should do so and not record a worry on this site. 


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