Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School


Intent Statement

Exam Board: GCSE History Edexcel grades 9-1.

Our curriculum aims to inspire a love of history, a love of learning and a desire to find out more about the past in order to enable students to understand the context in which they live and make links to the modern world. At SEACA we believe that History forms the bedrock of our understanding of culture in the society that we live in as well the wider world. History helps us to understand the local, national and international events around us. As a department we aim to develop students own mental timeline through a curriculum that is broad and taught chronologically. Our curriculum is designed to excite pupils and, develop their confidence about the key events of the past that have helped to shape the world around us.

At Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic Academy we believe that a historian will be able to explain, analyse sources and interpretations to make judgements about the past. We have a very strong focus on extended writing and vocabulary linked to our key content/themes such as; monarchy, restoration, propaganda and warfare.

A key priority for us at SEACA is to continue to strive for diversity within the curriculum and enabling pupils to make links to their own community. We feel that it is important to understand the current world around us which include, politics and other world events. Through an understanding of the past, it helps to shape the choices for our pupils in the future. By the end of the course of study pupils will be able to demonstrate an enthusiasm for events, people and ideas of the past, sharing these ideas with confidence.

History Curriculum Maps